Why you need a mobile version of your website

There are any number of reasons why a business should have a mobile version of your website. With the continuing advancement of mobile phone technology and the fact that more and more of us are using our phones to find people and places, a mobile website is now a must have for most businesses.

We take our phones everywhere nowadays and most of us would be lost (literally) without them. We probably spend more time on our phones doing things other than talking with people. Sure, it’s great to text family, chat with clients and connect with friends on Facebook, but more and more of us are now using our phones to browse the web. Checking the weather or sports scores while you’re on the train home or looking for a place to eat while you’re waiting for the dentist. Google has rolled out a mobile website initiative called GetMo and here are some brief stats that they highlight there:

  • Almost 50% of all phones in the UK are smartphones (23 million)
  • 8 million people in the UK access the web from their phones every day
  • By 2013 it’s estimated that more people will get online via their mobile phone than by their PC
  • Since 2010 mobile searches have grown by over 400%

The graph below shows what actions people are taking after they’ve done a mobile search. With 36% calling the business and 41% visiting the business, this just demonstrates how important it is for local businesses to have a well optimised mobile website, so that you don’t miss out on any potential new clients.

UK smartphone local search actions

So what should a mobile optimised website look like? Most websites will show up on a smartphone but there is a difference between a regular website and one that is mobile friendly. Having to continually zoom in and scroll from side to side can get frustrating, so it’s better to have a mobile site that condenses everything into a smaller format. Here’s what our standard site looks like compared to our mobile site.

mobile version of your website


  • Navigation should be quick and simple
  • Site should be thumb friendly
  • Make sure your contact details are easily accessible so customers can just click to call






Just to summarise why you should have a mobile version of your website:

  • Mobile friendly websites are better for your customers and therefore better for your business.
  • Mobile phones are being increasingly used for search and having a mobile friendly website ensures that searchers can access the information you can provide for them.
  • Mobile friendly sites convert better; in fact 20% of all mobile site visits lead to a customer calling your business.

Do you have a mobile friendly website?

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