Why a Google Places Listing is Important for Local Business

There is a growing trend among consumers. The way consumers are searching for new business in their local area is by using Google. Additionally, businesses that have an optimised business place page for their area greatly benefit from this growing trend.

In previous times, customers used phone books, magazines and newspapers to discover or locate local businesses. However, these methods are very time-consuming and sometimes unreliable. With Google, customers can find multiple businesses in their area simultaneously in less than a few seconds. This type of refined search has revolutionized the way people search.

What exactly is a Google places listing? Simply put, businesses can get found for their industry in their area. It is free to create a listing and the results are great. However, Google places optimisation is also very important. Business owners who do not properly optimise their listing will fall short on the list for their area.

For example, let’s assume John needed to find a business that repairs washing machines. He performs a simple Google search for washing machine repairs in his area. Your business may repair washing machines, but if you don’t specify that when optimising your Google places page, Google will not index you for the keywords “washing machine repairs.”

When it comes to Google listings, the best way to optimise your page is to include all keywords related to your business. You may find it beneficial to research various keywords for your business’ type or industry. Additionally, you may want to refine your research by only gathering statistics for search terms in your area.

Of course, this is not the only way to optimise your Google places page. Google highly favours pages that are completely filled out. This includes business location, hours of operation, biography, photographs and customer reviews. When a local listing page is filled out, there is a greater chance that Google will highly rank that listing for its area and industry.

Over 90 percent of all smartphone owners have conducted a local business search on Google from their smartphone. Additionally, there are many apps that offer customers incentives, such as coupons and special deals, for shopping with local businesses.

If you do not a Google places listing, you are losing valuable customers. Instead, they are finding your competition. Create a Google listing for your business by going to Google.com/places


  1. For Google Places, you need to be careful not to keyword stuff, it’s a fine art. The way they decide which businesses will get into the seven pack is a combination of proximity to the centroid – not necessarily the actual centre of the business area, the quality of the information in your listing and the authority of the website that the Places page is linked to. Often they run a blended listing which takes snippets from your website and mixes them up with info from your Places Page so you need to check those out too or you could find that you’re not ranking for keywords you should be because they aren’t mentioned in the right place on your website.

    Like I said, it’s a fine art :)

  2. Well said @JoShaer Different techniques required for optimisation depending on how Google serves up the search results; 7-pack, Blended or straight organic. Still see far too many GP listings with keywords stuffed into the title!

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